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Diving SpecialsUnderstanding Scuba Diving

There are several complications in diving, some of them are trainable, you can learn and improve, some others are physiological, on my years diving i have met several good divers, having issues equalizing. Here in, we collected the best procedures so your dives are less painful and more enjoyable

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Understanding Scuba Diving

It is known by all that for diving you first need to get to the water, since the beginning of commercial diving and freediving human kind developed some techniques to make it with safety and comfort. There is not such thing as a best entrance for all environments, better said,

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Zenobia also known as “The Zen” is one of the top 10 Wrecks in the world, sunk in her bride trip to Syria. This swedish manufactured Roll in Roll out ship (same kind as Don Pedro in Ibiza) sunk in Cyprus in 1980. From the beginning of the trip the

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While I was doing the Cedar Pride entry I found myself fantasizing about going back to Jordan soon. Meanwhile i enjoy rewatching the trip of our video, If some of you didn´t saw it yet, here it is:

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What to consider with first stages First of all we have to distinguish between unbalanced and balanced first stages. Unbalanced first stages decrease the intermediate pressure (that affects the performance) while lowering the pressure in your cylinder during the dive. Balanced first stages are not affected of the pressure in

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