Hands On: Orcatorch D500 700 lumen Dive Light

In this review we will go around the OrcaTorch D500, an affordable divetorch

I bought this torch 4th of November 2014 as a all around torch, the size is good to fit in a bcd pocket. or hold it with some rubbers to the shoulder straps, the size is ideal, most of the new torches with led lights in this range of lumen (700) have this or a symmilar form factor. Where this light doesn´t have competitor is in the pricetag, 100us$. the construction is sturdy and the runtime is 1 hour and a half in full power, 13 hours in the lowest power level, also includes a strobe mode.

  • Beam Distance of 771′ (235 meters) On-Land
  • Impact Resistant Tested: Drop from 3.3′ (1 meter)
  • Depth Rating: of 492′ (150 meters)

The button is magnetic, watchout your compass, the whole circuit is isolated so there aren’t any movable parts except the spring and the magnet.

the flashlight light modes
The flashlight light modes

From the first moment you will notice something very notable and unusual in a divelight. the switch pops out of the structure, this is unusual and you should avoid it like devil. While in the boat it can activate itself in a bump and the moment you need it it will be out of battery. Carry it with the battery out. what overall is a great light with an amazing price watch all the efforts wasted because a single piece. The switch is mainly the worst designed piece and it will be hard to find any switch that is as bad as this one in the market. If you are looking for a terrible piece of shit turned into a switch don’t search anymore it is here. Lets take a look on it:

D500034So this is it, one golden plated IRON spring, one iron magnet and one bolt holding everything in one piece. As you see, in this design water flow freely on this part, this is not necessarily bad, most of the lights work either this way or with a rotation mechanism. the problem comes when the magnet or the springs oxidize. This is a fact, you cannot every dive clean this mechanism , mainly because the screw is glued, so you will clean it with some sweet water, click several times to empty the mechanism of water as much as you can and that´s pretty much it. after some dives, I started noticing some oxide coming out of the button. and after aprox 20 dives, (2 months or so) it stopped working smooth, then stopped working at all, so i opened my torch with some pliers  and found this:

Scratches where made with the pliers. Black coating is in fact very resistant

The magnet was oxiding and the spring was broken in pieces, the magnet at the same time retain the dust of iron and makes a magnetic powder in between the magnet itself and the circuit. lets see some more details


The button absolutely oxidized
The button absolutely oxidized


spring broken and all cover in oxide dust

After this, I can say that Orcatorch led lights are good and technically correct as long as you don’t buy a button activated torch, O rings are perfectly working, battery is good and leds work like a charm, but because of this little fella up there I cannot recommend the buy of this product, neither D550 or D510 using the same mechanism, D520 looks like a good alternative.

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  1. Alex
    May 17, 2016 at 7:46 am — Reply

    My OrcaTorch D500V has dived about 15 times in some countries, and everything goes well. But seems my switch is glued, can’t opend it. So don’t know if the switch ok now.

  2. Flávio Lins
    February 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm — Reply

    I disassembled the mine after reading your post. The situation was as bad as the yours, except with the one that I have used only one time (I have three torches!). I found a man who mades these springs in stainless steel using the original one as a sample. I will try this the next week!


    Flávio Lins

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