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Indigo Bolandrini, the young ocean ambassador

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Hi to all you enthusiastic young divers! You may have heard of me, or might not. My names is Indigo Bolandrini, I am 13 years old and hold the title of One of The World’s Youngest Junior Master Scuba Divers. I earned this achievement when I was 12. Since then I have logged over 300 dives including night dives. I hold over 15 specialties with my favorite one being my SSI Junior Sidemount certification – so far the youngest in the world.


I started scuba diving when I was 11 in El Gouna Egypt, where I also live and go to school. I have always had a love for the sea since I was just 3. I have always snorkeled and explored the great depths of our Red Sea and my number one life goal was to become a scuba diver at a very young age. At 11, me and a friend of mine decided to do our Junior Open Water Diver ( PADI ) course together. However I was never really in to it until a few months later an instructor told me about the ‘Master Scuba Diver Rating’ and all the other amazing courses I could do at my age. From then on within 4 months I went from being only a Junior Open Water Diver to the highest rating possible for junior divers – ‘Junior Master Scuba Diver’. This consists of completing your ‘Advanced Open Water Diver’, ‘Rescue Diver’, ‘EFR’, and a minimum of 5 PADI specialties and a minimum of 50 logged dives.

It was a very tough challenge, the main struggle was my ‘Rescue Course’ as it consisted 3 days of tough challenges and intense situations. As I was only 12 it proved to be even more challenging, lifting full grown men on my shoulder onto boats and preforming real-life scenarios on them. It was tough but I managed.

Scuba Diving is a very serious sport requiring wisdom and knowledge as at any point – something could go very wrong. Growing up as a diver with my dive family, Orca Dive Club El Gouna, I have learnt the values and do’s and don’t’s of diving. Being a good diver doesn’t only mean good air consumption, good buoyancy and the amount of dives you have, it also consists of having good manners, knowing how to be a reliable buddy, being polite and of course, organization is the key.

I am also a very enthusiastic Underwater Photographer. I am hoping to soon get my own professional camera. I enjoy taking small close ups, to wide angle wreck photos. I am also an AWARE diver, meaning I love to help clean the ocean and do whatever it takes to stop the rapid declination of our amazing coral reef’s and endangered species. I encourage you all young divers to take action!


I am still growing rapidly as a diver, with a confirmed Guinness World Record coming up in June which I am doing along with Ahmed Gabr – The World’s Deepest Diver, and I am hoping for CCR very soon, CCR is ‘Closed Circut Rebreather’ which recycles the air you breathe in and filtering the harmful carbon dioxide of course, allowing you to stay up to 5 hours underwater. However CCR is a dangerous practise requiring mass knowledge, skill and intelligence which is Juniors aren’t allowed to do it.

As of in dive sites, I have dived every dive site in my area including some historic wrecks such as; Carnatic, Giannis D, Chrisoula K, Kimon M, The SS Thistlegorm, and I am also the youngest ever to dive the tough World War II wreck – The Rosalie Möller. I am hoping to go up to Marsa Alam soon and do a few safari trips around the Brother Islands, Elphinstone and St John.


It was an incredibly tough journey but it was worth the effort and I encourage all you young divers, to follow in my footsteps!


If you would like to follow my journey you can follow my Facebook page on my bio

– Born to dive, Forced to go to School

Indigo Bolandrini

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