Hands On: Hollis mask M4

Lately I had the chance of testing and diving the M4 model.

Hollis have 2 models that are very popular M1 and M4. Both feature a soft, skin like touch silicone. Both are frameless, basically only the shape of the glass changes so you can maybe take some conclusions if you like more the M1 shape. M1 features in adittion saint gobain superclear glass which the m4 doesn´t. Anyways m4 glass is great.

As I said the first impression to the touch is really good, silicon is much softer than Scubapro one, so if you tend to have marks on your face easily this one is very nice, the skirt have a double seal, which is a very common feature nowadays, and i would say that the absence of it is a good reason to discard any mask. The mask adapts very good to wide and narrow faces as well. The nose pocket is not too big so if you have a long nose it may cause discomfort.The glass have a great quality, no tint whatsoever and the back strap is split, which makes it very adaptable.

m4 strap

This mask is also a good choice for travelling, it weights around 30 grams less than other masks and it can be folded to 2cm thick.

If you have a good mustache and it grows very close to the nose you might have sealing troubles, because the skirt under the nose is narrow.

There are some good reasons this mask is a very good choice if you plan to tec dive

Tec Divers Pros

  • with the glass as the only rigid piece, it is a very nice spare mask, storage is great
  • ratchet adjustment works amazingly smooth
  • low air volume
  • It is black he he he

There are some good things that you will appreciate as a recreational diver as well

Recreational Divers Pros

  • The feel of the Silicon is probably one of the best in the market
  • flexible structure and low internal volume will create less discomfort of use and reduce the need of equalization of the air space
  • great angle of vision
  • very clean tempered glass

If you are searching the cons.

I would say that given that the mask is a frameless and the silicone is so soft, you have to be very careful with the maintenance, don’t apply a lot of tension on the straps, because it translates directly to the joint with the glass, and in the long term it can cause the silicon to tear apart from it.  So in resume this mask can be eternal as long as you treat it right, if not, it will degrade faster than a framed mask. Also the nose part can be a little bit unconfortable.

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