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This Lebanese registered general cargo was built by S. A Juliana Construcciones Gijonesa of Gijon and launched as the San Bruno in 1964. Her dimensions were 75.5m x 10.75m with a draught of 5.8m. She displaced 1,161 gross registered tonnes with two cargo holds and a central bridge castle. The ship was renamed Cedar Pride in early 1982 when she was purchased by the Cedar Pride Shipping Co Lt
Cedar Pride before it was sunk
Cedar Pride before it was sunk

The Cedar Pride was in ballast at the port of Aqaba, loaded with phosphates when, on August 2nd 1982 a fire broke out and she where extensively damaged in the engine room and accommodation. Two members of crew died in the fire. The vessel was for more than three years waiting for his fate before it was  declared a constructive total loss and abandoned by all those with a previous interest in the vessel. By that time Aqaba (and consequently Jordan) didn´t had a single big wreck to dive. King Hussein took responsibility over it and for his own birthday he sunk the cedar pride. The sinking itself is a complete history. King Hussein relied on his son, the current king of Jordan Abdulla III. He managed together with the local university the procedure of sinking and cleaning the ship of toxics and hazards.

propeller of Cedar Pride
propeller of Cedar Pride


The designated location for the diving is such that didn’t harm any coral, is recreationally diveable and doesn’t require a boat to arrive. The chosen location was in the southern part of aqaba beach only 150 meters of the shore, the planning was to make a bridge shape in between two limestone rocks. this required a very precise sinking both to leave the ship stable and just on top of the rocks.

On November 25th 1985, the Cedar Pride was towed to a position just off Aqaba Beach and deliberately sunk as a Scuba Diving attraction and Artificial Reef.

Is commonly associated that because of the load of phosphates the coral growth in the wreck have been highly favored, even though it doesn’t have any fundament and whatever the cause is, Cedar Pride is one of the most beautiful wrecks all over the world, at 26 meters deep the canyon in between the two limestone rocks is diveable and the feeling of looking to the surface from underneath 1161 tons of ship is an amazing experience itself.


Populated with reef fishes and corals, some big fishes pay a visit from time to time.

Cedar pride dive map
Cedar pride dive map



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