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Divesites: 5 dives in Ibiza you can’t miss

You know for sure the lively island of Ibiza, with his famous Djs nightlife and party, maybe you knew about its hippy influenced culture, but there is much more. With a vibrant nature, his magnificent coast  and his famous coves and islands hide underneath some of the finest dives of Mediterranean sea. Here you have some of them. 5 dives you cannot miss if you visit Ibiza. Or 5 dives that can change your mind about this amazing island.

5. The boot of Es Vedra (la bota d’ Es Vedrà)



The boot is an underwater mountain 1 nautical mile away NW from the Es Vedrà island growing from the bottom of the sea deeper than 50 meters, up to some centimetres under the surface, so the foam on the waves reveals its presence.

Given the separation from the coast the boot allow us to see often tunas and Amber jacks. And almost every time schools of mediterranean barracuda.
The dive itself is easy but we have to pay attention to the currents.
Given its conic shape after securing the boat we will descend to the desired depth and from there ascend little by little. Faces South and East have a softer descend while faces North and West are more populated, with some breachs populated by small fishes, deeper you will find lobsters, thermidor and big groupers. On the way up around 10 meters deep schools of barracudas patrol searching for little preys.boot3



4. The small dice (dado pequeño)

Very close to the Marina Ibiza, only 3 km away South East, there are two small islands known as the dices, the big one is signaled with a small beacon light. The small one known as ¨Dado pequeño¨. This little island is the one the Don Pedro crashed against and sunk.

We will anchor on the eastern side of the little dice. In 5 meters deep we will find  a rocky formation that goes down to 90º, it gets deeper and later it falls to 30 meters deep.
we follow this natural wall leaving it to our left, then we follow it to 0º course.
Some big boulders will appear, underneath them octopuses and red scorpion fishes. Meanwhile in the vertical cracks of the walls rest peacefully some maigre groups.
As deep as 16 meters we find a tapestry of false orange coral and in the bottom a silty soil crowned with a big nacra. We continue our way to find a big mound that almost reach the surface. Over which profile the Don Pedro crashed. We dive around it and now on the other slope we cross trough a channel in between the dice and the mound coming to the start of the dive without forgetting to look up from time to time where probably we will be able to see some Mediterranean barracudas




3. Mariana Platform (Plataforma Mariana)




Mariana Platform is the name under which is known an old fishfarm that was oriented to the broiler of dori fish, built 500 meters west of the Espardell island in a channel that separates Ibiza from Formentera.

As a consequence of her abandonment the estructure started leaning until she touched the bottom. In this dive we enjoy the overwhelming environment generated by the concrete columns and the metallic frames.
Since the upper level starts at only 11 meters deep is appropiated for open water divers, even though, the true jewel lies underneath, dropping as deep as 32 meters a vast amount of moray eels and scorpion fishes inhabit the platform.
We will come back from the bottom trough the columns of this interesting wreck while we admire as usual the population of Mediterranean barracudas that made of this place their home as well.



2. Don Pedro





Don Pedro was a roll in -roll out ship , that sunk after crashing  in the summer of 2007 against a rock of the Dices formations (dive #4 on this special) nearby the ibiza port, to a maximum depth of 45 meters, since then, Don Pedro is the largest diveable wreck in europe with recreational standards.
Further than the fatality of any accident the Don Pedro features a whole ecosystem of  submarine life.
The live have conquered every centimetre of this 140 meters long and 20 meters wide colossus.

The Don Pedro rest on his lean on his port side aproximately 105º and his shallower side is 24 meters deep, which requires a good train and experience diving. His length and extension will require more than one dive it totally, at least one for the stem and another for the bow. Since the boat was sunk with cars and vehicles in it when it got sunk, and to avoid the temptations of the divers, all entrances where sealed, so the dive is entirely exterior.

we will dive to one of the submerged buoys located at 11 meters deep and we will descend to slowly recognize the propeller at 36 meters, the loading bay and the wheelhouse if we choose the stern buoy and the anchor if we choose the bow. In both cases, a very detailed dive plan is required and staged tanks at 5 meters is highly recommended




1. The cathedral of Portinatx (La catedral de Portinatx)





Punta des Moscater, in the northern edge of the isle of Ibiza is crowned by a lighthouse painted with black and white stripes. It will be very useful to us to find 300 meters from it a rocky step that from to 25 meters deep falls to almost the double.

This dive requires of the talent and knowledge of a good captain, that will allow us to go down to a sandy patch, the descent must be done through the anchor line given the presence of currents, After this we will find a bottom covered with possidonia that grows very close to the edge of the hole that goes as deep as 40 meters in a beautiful fall, that ends in a sandy bottom. the entrance have 8 meters wide and 3 meters long as a well that introduce us to the Cathedral, a rocky vault of a impressive nature made beauty. After this we will set north direction to find an arch populated with yellow corals, huge lobsters or the nearly dissapeared red coral in a 48 meters depth, form there we will go back to the anchor line where we will take a mandatory deco stop.


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  1. March 17, 2015 at 7:38 am — Reply

    All the 5 fantastic dives! But my favourite is the Plataforma… So cool with so many Barrakudas. …always love to go back there!

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