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When you get a dive computer your dive logging experience changes, A LOT. You get so much information and very well organized. How do we translate this to the paper? The answer is, you can´t without loosing some information in the process.

The idea of having a software managing this information is desirable and convenient, your dive computer comes with a software most of the times that will manage them, but is not one of the strongest points of dive computers manufacturers, most of the time this software is not powerful enough and doesnt take advantage of all this information, because of this we have some companies developing Divepal  for example, try to cover this gap. Not so long ago, I was reading that Linus Torvalds, inventor of Linux. An avid diver (here his rating of all the dive computers he ever used), frustrated that Linux didn’t had a proper decent dive-log started it (how cool is that!). Extracted from their project page:


A bit of Subsurface history

A bit of Subsurface history:

In fall of 2011, when a forced lull in kernel development gave him an
opportunity to start on a new endeavor, Linus Torvalds decided to tackle
his frustration with the lack of decent divelog software on Linux.

Subsurface is the result of the work of him and a team of developers since
then. It now supports Linux, Windows and MacOS and allows data import from
a large number of dive computers and several existing divelog programs. It
provides advanced visualization of the key information provided by a
modern dive computer and allows the user to track a wide variety of data
about their diving.

In fall of 2012 Dirk Hohndel took over as maintainer of Subsurface.

This divelog have the advantage that it have been growing with the direct feedback and the ideas of divers all around the world. They have a forum as well where they register petitions, bugs and ideas.

Since 2011 and 4 years later, with an average of one mayor release a year, Subsurface is now in version 4.4.1, Supports directly a large variety of dive computers you can check the list here(For Xdeepers the exported uddf files are fully supported even thought is not written on their web) and not only log the dives but also show location, sac, equipment, deco events and so on.

There is a basic tutorial to see available here:


The appareance of the divelog will depend much on your operative system, all the versions have full functionality and work now on Mac, Windows and Linux

This way of logging is fully compatible with paper logging and you will be able to print it out and attach it to your paper log.

Since the storage is made on a xml file you can easily backup the information to your mail or any cloud service.  So no matter what happen with your computer, you will never loose any dive anymore.

Since it is an open source project, you can modify it freely (if you know how), and it is also a free software. You can download it from here.


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